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Merrell World Legend are the fabulous shoes which are perfect shoes for those who have to stay on their feel longer. These shoes have simple slip on silhouette which allows you to wear them to work or casual hangout. You can keep on wearing these shoes all day long and end up with fresh, happy and healthy feet. These shoes have the combination of rich and premium materials which deliver long lasting, durable and comforting wear. The upper of these shoes has been made from the full grain leather which has rich quality and it can be easily maintain to keep these shoes looking fresh and new. The upper has the goring on the side which combine with the slip on silhouette of these shoes to allow you easy on and off wearing along with the snug and secure fit. The upper has padded to collar to deliver support and comfort to your ankle. The interior of these shoes have the lining of pigskin which is smooth, soft and very comforting. This lining has the natural ability to wick off the moisture from your feet to ensure all day long healthy, dry and fresh wearing. The lining has the Aegis Antimicrobial Treatment which ensures that your feet remain odorless, bacteria free and fresh for long time. The footbed has been made form Cita XY technology and it has been anatomically corrected. This footbed contours as per the shape of your feet and it deliver luxurious comfort and stress free ride. The arch shank has been made from the nylon which keeps the arch support superior. These shoes have the midsole made from the EVA which disperses shocks with each step and it ensures smooth and comforting ride. The heel has additional shocks absorbing technology of Merrell Air Cushion which also prevent shocks from traveling up your feet and legs and it keeps your feet well protected from harmful stress. These midsole also deliver stability to keep you stride balanced, controlled and efficient. The outsole has been from the rubber which is flexible and offers natural foot movement for smooth and easier ride. The outsole offers grip on different terrains for slip resistant ride and it make you ride more efficient. These shoes weigh 1 pound as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Stollen Leather, Dark Earth Leather and Black Leather.



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Michelle from New Jersey

This is a great sneaker for walking and general use. I walk between 2 and 4 miles a day, and this shoe is well padded, light, and very comfortable. It has just the right amount of lift in the heel so that fast walking is smooth and the shoe absorbs the impact very well. I wore my first pair of these until the tread was almost gone, finally I needed a new pair and bought the exact same shoe. It's not bad looking, either, as sneakers go.

Phyllis from San Diego

My husband and I were in a horrendous accident. After many surgeries I found I did not have any shoes that would fit my swelling feet. My dear friend had a pair that she wanted me to try. The were great, they were breathable and had support. The little heel keeps them from flipping on and off and they come in extra wide sizes. I now own 3 pairs. I probably would be barefoot if I hadn't come upon them and what's more they are comfortable!

Bo from South Carolina

I bought this same shoe from a brick and mortar discount store two years ago at a very good price, so I was looking for the same shoe in another color. My usual size is an 8AA. The 8AA I ordered first was in every way too big. I tried the 7 1/2AA and this size works for me. I have flat, narrow feet but I never feel as though the shoes are going to slip off of my feet. It is such a comfortable and supportive shoe that for now I am using them as my house shoes.

Jan from Louisville, KY

This particular slip-on sneaker came into my life 2-1/2 years ago, and I still find myself trying to find more. I have now had 7 pair of these, and I love them! Comfort, fit, and ease of cleaning (toss in the washer and on rack in my dryer) are everything to me. The fit is the best of any and all my Easy Spirit shoes. I have bunions, and these shoes do not hurt my feet anywhere! You've got to try them!

Nightsky from Boston

I have three pairs of these shoes - black for winter, and white and beige for summer. I wear them every day, and find them to be comfortable, no matter how many hours they're on my feet. I'm not a small woman, if you know what I mean, and wearing shoes that offer support and comfort are very important to me. These shoes fill the bill. Now, if they could only put a heel on them, I'd be all set!


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